State of Local Governance Performance, Electronic Report

Valenzuela City, PY 2010

Highlighted in this report is your LGU's performance in four (4) areas of governance: (1) Administrative Governance, (2) Social Governance, (3) Economic Governance, and (4) Environmental Governance. A special report is included to determine how the fundamentals of good governance such as Participation, Transparency, and Financial Accountability are valued in the LGU. It is to note that the LGU's performance was assessed based on the responses of the LGU's Team to the questions provided into the LGPMS database. A Performance Scale is used to identify areas with excellent performance and areas for improvement. A perfect scale of 5 denotes excellent performance while performance scales of 1-4 indicate areas for improvement. Although scales of 3 and 4 are relatively high, there are areas which can still be improved on. All these are explained in detail as you read the entire report.

On Social Governance

Social Governance looks into four areas: Health Services, Support to Education Services, Support to Housing and Basic Utilities, and Peace, Security and Disaster Risk Management. Your LGU performance in each area of Social Governance is plotted in the graph below.

Area(s) with Excellent Performance

Your LGU is doing an excellent performance in 4 out of 4 sub-areas of Social Governance. Sustain Performance in this area:
Area(s) with Excellent PerformanceInterpretation
Support to Education ServicesTruly effective support to basic education. The LSB is functional. Principally, the SEF is used where it should be utilized in the first place - school facilities, educational research, additional classrooms and teachers, scholarship program. Supplementary allocation from the General Fund is an added value in favor of the education sector.
Health ServicesA highly functioning health system characterized by quality primary health care, quality maternal care and quality child care. CSO-participated medical missions and health insurance for indigent families are innovations that add more luster to, and dynamism in, the health system.
Peace, Security and Disaster Risk ManagementAppropriate structure and plan for community and child protection are established. Funding and other essential support for protective services and the Katarungang Pambarangay are ensured. Crime incidence is reduced, and most if not all interpersonal disputes are immediately and amicably settled. The Local Disaster Coordinating Council is functional - which is a measure of disaster-preparedness.There is a high level of readiness to respond to, or manage, the risks attendant in a disaster or calamity - including relief and rehabilitation.
Support to Housing and Basic UtilitiesAn administrative mechanism dedicated to addressing the multiple requirements of housing services is in place. Mass housing project and donation of lots for socialized housing are twin-response to the housing backlog.

Area(s) for Improvement

The areas for improvement are listed by priority, starting from the area which gets the lowest performance scale followed by areas which get higher performance scales, respectively.