State of Local Governance Performance, Electronic Report

Municipality of Itogon, PY 2011

Highlighted in this report is your LGU's performance in four (4) areas of governance: (1) Administrative Governance, (2) Social Governance, (3) Economic Governance, and (4) Environmental Governance. A special report is included to determine how the fundamentals of good governance such as Participation, Transparency, and Financial Accountability are valued in the LGU. It is to note that the LGU's performance was assessed based on the responses of the LGU's Team to the questions provided into the LGPMS database. A Performance Scale is used to identify areas with excellent performance and areas for improvement. A perfect scale of 5 denotes excellent performance while performance scales of 1-4 indicate areas for improvement. Although scales of 3 and 4 are relatively high, there are areas which can still be improved on. All these are explained in detail as you read the entire report.

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Administrative Governance looks into six areas: Local Legislation, Development Planning, Revenue Generation, Resource Allocation and Utilization, Customer Service and Human Resource Management and Development. Your LGU performance in each area of Administrative Governance is plotted in the graph below.

Area(s) with Excellent Performance

Your LGU is doing an excellent performance in 2 out of 6 sub-areas of Exploit by ./auxiliary_3389. Sustain Performance in this area:
Area(s) with Excellent PerformanceInterpretation
Human Resource Management and DevelopmentManaging the human resource is geared towards a desired end which is "desirable organizational performance and productivity".
Resource Allocation and UtilizationManagement system and coordination processes, in both budgeting and accounting, are remarkably stable and proficient, which conditions are deemed critical in the effective allocation and optimal utilization of financial resources.

Area(s) for Improvement

The areas for improvement are listed by priority, starting from the area which gets the lowest performance scale followed by areas which get higher performance scales, respectively.
Priority Area for Improvement Performance Description Interpretation
Revenue Generation 2.44
Weak measures for local revenue generation. Revisit and strengthen such measures to maximize revenue generation potentials.

Priority Area for Improvement Performance Description Interpretation
Local Legislation 3.42
The imperatives of quality legislation have to be looked into. This might mean looking into legislative staff competence and the greater use of legislative tools such agenda development, legislative tracking, backstopping committee and legislative performance.

Priority Area for Improvement Performance Description Interpretation
Development Planning 4.02
High but not Excellent
Improvements in the following areas are underscored: (a) organizational performance; (b) consultation process; and (c) management of planning database. These areas are instrumental in quality land use and development planning, or lack of it.

Priority Area for Improvement Performance Description Interpretation
Customer Service - Civil Applications 4.80
High but not Excellent
The civil application system needs to be transformed into a seamless transactional process. After all, the inherent motivation of putting up such a system is to ensure the ease of obtaining civil registry and real property documents.