State of Local Governance Performance, Electronic Report

Municipality of Itogon, PY 2012

Highlighted in this report is your LGU's performance in four (4) areas of governance: (1) Administrative Governance, (2) Social Governance, (3) Economic Governance, and (4) Environmental Governance. A special report is included to determine how the fundamentals of good governance such as Participation, Transparency, and Financial Accountability are valued in the LGU. It is to note that the LGU's performance was assessed based on the responses of the LGU's Team to the questions provided into the LGPMS database. A Performance Scale is used to identify areas with excellent performance and areas for improvement. A perfect scale of 5 denotes excellent performance while performance scales of 1-4 indicate areas for improvement. Although scales of 3 and 4 are relatively high, there are areas which can still be improved on. All these are explained in detail as you read the entire report.

On Economic Governance

Economic Governance looks into three areas: Support to Agriculture Sector, Support to Fishery Services, and Enterprise, Business and Industry Promotion. The report varies according to the nature of economic activities in the locality. Support to agriculture or fishery services are filtered out if not applicable. Your LGU performance in this area is plotted in the graph below.

Area(s) with Excellent Performance

None of the 2 areas in Economic Governance marked "excellent performance" so far. Meantime, dedicate more time and effort on the areas for improvement.

Area(s) for Improvement

The areas for improvement are listed by priority, starting from the area which gets the lowest performance scale followed by areas which get higher performance scales, respectively.
Priority Area for Improvement Performance Description Interpretation
Entrepreneurship, Business and Industry Promotion 3.54
More need to be done to institutionalize a business-friendly environment. Factors such as the following need to be looked into:
Suggested Action(s) to Take
  • Improve the quality of permitting or licensing
  • Establish an administrative support body to take the lead in marketing the investment potentials of the local government
  • Provide, or cause the provision of, direct support services to business, particularly those categorized as micro, small and medium enterprises. Support services may come in the form of tax incentives, product labeling, product packaging, training, job fairs and trade fairs

Priority Area for Improvement Performance Description Interpretation
Support to Agriculture Sector 3.86
Local government support is extended to the Agriculture Sector. But greater intervention is necessary.
Suggested Action(s) to Take
  • Improve infrastructure support, e.g., communal irrigation system, farm-to-market roads, post-harvest facilities
  • Improve credit facilitation services to farmers
  • Extend adequate production support, e.g., planting materials, fertilizers, and laboratory services such as soil testing
  • Provide assistance to research and development, e.g., techno-demo cooperators, and research institutes
  • Improve market development services, e.g., trade fairs, exhibits, missions and congresses
  • Reach more farming-household beneficiaries