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LGU Profile

DCF-Year Profile:
Lgu Type:
Region Name:
Province Name:
Lgu Name:

Lgu Name: Cotabato
DCF Year: 2010-LGPMS
Basic Profile:
LGU Type: City
Income Class: 3rd
Population: 259,153
Total Land Area (in has): 17,599.00
No. of Barangays: 37
No. of Households: 50,126

Financial Profile:
IRA Share: Php 412,115,951.00
Local-Sourced Revenues: Php 89,884,049.00
Other Revenues: Php 11,992,544.64
Total LGU Income: Php 513,992,544.64

 Agricultural Ecosystems
 Coastal Marine Ecosystems
 Freshwater Ecosystems

Tourism Potential (Tick if present):
 History and Culture (e.g., fort, cathedral and church, historical road, historical monument, museum, structures and buildings)
 Natural attractions

Economic Activity:
Rating Name
1 Commercial and Service Centers
2 Fishery
3 Agricultural
4 Industrial
5 Mining

Contact Information:
Name of Mayor or Governor: JAPAL J. GUIANI, JR
Telephone Number: 064-421-8969 & 421-8170
Fax Number: 4218969
Email Address:
Website Address: www.cotabatocity.net.ph