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  • DILG Recognizes Good Performance thru SGHK

  • The Seal of Good Housekeeping for Local Governments (Seal or SGHK), in its initial implementation last year, recognized 30 municipalities for their good performance in internal housekeeping. Assessment focused on the areas of good planning, sound fiscal management, transparency and accountability, and valuing of performance information.
    With its formal launching on March 17, 2011, the Seal expands its coverage to all 4th to 5th class cities and 4th to 6th class municipalities. Assessment areas were modified to sound fiscal management, transparent and accountable governance, valuing of performance management, and general impressions on the local government. The third area looks into local legislation, development planning, revenue generation, resource allocation and utilization, customer service - civil applications, human resource management and development, participation, transparency and financial accountability of the LGPMS.

    Assessment of local governments is now on-going with the participation of a representative from a civil society organization to broaden acknowledgment and acceptance of data reliability.

    The Seal is a requirement in accessing the Performance Challenge Fund, a grant given to local governments to finance development projects.